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Donate to Soil4Climate Today to Rebuild the Soil, Stabilize the Climate, and Provide Food Security

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Advocating for Soil Restoration as a Climate Solution Become a Member Today!

Soil4Climate Advocates for Soil Restoration 4 Climate Stabilization

Soil4Climate is a US-based 501C3 non-profit charitable organization that focuses on advancing the science, policy, and practice of soil restoration as a climate solution around the globe.

Soil4Climate Promotes Regenerative Land Management

Soil4Climate promotes regenerative land management practices to capture atmospheric carbon and encourage collaboration with the larger body of climate activism. Uniting “drawdown” strategies with emissions reduction, divestment from fossil fuels, a price on carbon, and climate justice advocacy, together creates a powerful alliance.

Soil4Climate brings attention to the community of researchers, producers, legislators, entrepreneurs, and concerned citizens working in regenerative agriculture and soil carbon enhancement.

Every year, Soil4Climate's Seth Itzkan attends the annual 'Climate of Parties," (COP) to participate in workshops and lead discussions around stabilizing the climate and providing food security by restoring the world's soils through regenerative grazing and other forms of agriculture.

Soil4Climate’s Facebook group has 35,000 members, including many of the most respected voices in the field.

In a typical month in 2022, the Soil4Climate Facebook group has around 2.5K posts. Worldwide interested parties have viewed our posts over 145K times, helping to advance the messages for soil carbon enhancement.

Soil4Climate supports regenerative grazing and agroforestry projects in multiple countries in East Africa, including Maasai herders in Kenya and Tanzania.

Your Soil4Climate donations go to regenerative grazing and agriculture projects in East Africa like:

Please Join Us and Become a Supporter of Soil4Climate Today! We need more of us fighting for a climate just and food security future. There is a strong narrative of 'all meat is bad for the climate,' that we need to push back on and reframe. Regenerative grazing, done right through holistic management, can restore the world's soils and grasslands providing for a stable climate and food secure future.

By becoming a Supporter, you can help to spread the word that it is possible to fight climate change by sequestering more carbon into the ground. In the process, this helps to regenerate desertified land, provide habitat for wildlife, store more water, and provide healthy food for all.

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