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Help African Pastoral Families in Climate Crisis

Drought is killing livestock in record numbers. Relief needed. Please donate!

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Help Maasai Families: Hay For Animals Today Enables Regenerative Grazing Tomorrow (see video, bottom of page)

The Maasai are a pastoral people of East Africa who are being devastated by climate-fueled drought. Their animals are dying in record numbers. Hay or maize relief for cows is now essential. For only $2.50 per day or $75 a month, you can keep a cow alive. Please give. They need hay now. Families are desperate. Famine is looming. This relief effort will reach Maasai pastoral families in Kenya and Tanzania.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help keep our efforts to help the Maasai consistent. $5, $10, or $20 a month will go a long way. $20 a month can be the difference between life and death. For less than the cost of a family dinner out, you can provide life-saving support to African Pastoralists suffering in a climate-fueled drought.

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Animals are dying in record numbers. Photo by Nding'a Orkeyaroi, Tanzania.

Relief efforts work! $5 buys a bale. Contribute today!

Bales of hay are made possible through donations from Soil4Climate. One bale keeps two cows alive for a day. The current rate is $5 per bale. Photo shows Maasai herder Dalmas Tiampati gathering hay shipment.

Regenerative grazers affiliated with Soil4Climate spread the hay in a manner that keeps the ground covered. When the rains return, these areas will have better grass and soil. Photo depicts Dalmas Tiampati in Enkutoto Nalala village, Kenya.

The Maasai: "Climate Herders" - Champions of a Livable Future for All Humanity

Soil4Climate works with Maasai herders who are practicing regenerative grazing - moving animals in a way that restores damaged landscapes, sequestering carbon, and improving the soil.

In 2017, Soil4Climate and the Maasai Center for regenerative pastoralism launched an initiative: the Maasai Lands Restoration Project to improve degraded soils on Maasai-owned land in Kenya. The venture aims to provide permanent solutions to the challenges of drought, desertification, and food and water security. Improving the land will sequester carbon, helping to reverse climate change.

These practitioners are heroes and champions of a livable future for all humanity. Eventually, they will restore the verdant grasslands of their homelands, but that takes time. Now, however, the situation is desperate. They need our help.

Soil4Climate stands with pastoral people.
Stand with us! Please donate! Be a hero!

Maasai children playing with animals in their midsts, Enkutoto Nalala village, Kenya. Photo by Seth J. Itzkan.

Maasai elder with herd, Enkutoto Nalala village, Kenya. Photo by Seth J. Itzkan.

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Deadly drought in the Horn of Africa, which has left tens of millions of people without food, “would not have [happened] at all” without human-caused climate change, an analysis says.

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Important Message From Regenerative Maasai Herder, Dalmas Tiampati